Our Inspiration

Ovviovita is a UK brand that is inspired by nature and the stimulating effects of herbs on the mind, body & soul. It is dedicated to create custom beauty products based on the ancient science of the oldest and the most holistic health system available to human beings today.

Also known as ‘Knowledge of Life’, Ayurveda has been known to Indian physicians for over six thousand years for containing secrets to flawless skin and ageless beauty. Each product is created very lovingly by combining pure herbal extracts and essential oils which cleanse,nourish and replenish your hair and skin thereby stimulating cell growth. The ancient secret recipes of Ayurveda are fused with modern essential oils to create a luxurious experience that is completely natural, organic, free from any form of harsh chemicals and adhere to the highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality. So if you are a nature lover and would like to immerse yourself in fragrances that are made with ingredients renowned for their positive effects on emotions and mood, browse our range of products made with a contrast-rich blend of oils, herbs & flower extracts.

Ovvio Range

The Ovvio range of beauty products is made with a luxurious blend of potent herbal & botanical extracts and helps combat hair loss, dry scalp, damaged hair & dry skin. The 100% natural range consisits of hair oils, hair balm, hair masks, body oils & creams. You can nourish your hair with our potent blend of herbs infused hair oils & masks and hydrate your skin with the seductive body oils & opulent botanical infused body creams & masks.

Vita Range

The Vita range of lifestyle products are made with premium quality 100% silk which protects hair from breaking, prevents split ends & makes skin soft, elastic & glossy. The vita range includes the Ayurvedic Garshana Dry Body Massage 100% Raw Silk Gloves, 100% Mulberry Silk Head Wrap & 100% Mulberry Silk Beauty Cocoons.


The Ayurvedic herbs and Essential oils included in every product are very carefully formulated to solve a particular problem and also create a divine and luxurious experience. All of our products are created in labs in the UK which pride themselves in GMP standard environment and utilize controlled processing which ensures batch consistency and quality every time. The Ayurvedic Herbs used in all our products are certified, pure and organic. The extraction of the herbs has been done at state-of- art manufacturing unit that extorts the natural essence of the production in the purest form, thus retaining the natural efficacy of active ingredients. Only originally grown herbs are used for extraction purpose as they do not have any kind of chemical contamination that can cause leaching of product, making the herbs environmentally friendly.


We organise workshops & retreats which include sessions from experts who talk about harsh chemicals to avoid in skincare products, things that hinder our personal hair growth and share practical daily tasks and tips to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, brighten skin and maintain healthy complexion.  The workshops include live demonstrations, healthy recipes, reflexology massage training sessions and is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn ways of living a holistic life and achieve long lustrous air & flawless skin. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or sign-up to our newsletter to hear about the dates for our next retreat!