What kind of testing is done on your products?

It is a requirement for microbiological testing and certificates of analysis to be supplied by all of our suppliers for every batch of herbs. All of our products are created in government regulated labs in the UK. Test methods used are those specified by the European Pharmacopoeia.

Are your products free from all kinds of chemicals?

Yes. All our products have no silicones, no parabens, no sulphates, no mineral oil, no artificial colors and no petroleum. It is time to say Goodbye to harsh, synthetic beauty products, lifeless lotions, and masks made from waste machine oils.

I have very dry hair and I suffer from an itchy scalp as well. How can your products help?

Dry hair needs plenty of care and nourishment. The ideal solution is to loosen and relax the scalp so that blood circulation in the head is accelerated and the sebaceous glands are stimulated. Ayurvedic herbs like Amla with its antioxidant and collagen production properties strength hair roots, Arnica stimulate blood circulation and Burdock is a perfect healing oil for dryitchy scalp. Massage your hair with the Olio Divina Hair oil and apply the Diamante Hair Mask twice a week and you will see a difference in your hair in 4-6 weeks.

I have very oily skin prone to blackheads and acne. Which product would you recommend?

Amla, Neem and Manjistha are ideal Ayurvedic herbs that control the sebaceous glands, clears scars and acne and soothes the skin. Tamanu and Sea Buckthorn oil are also perfect as a natural cleanser and exfoliator. Apply the Zaffiro Mask twice a week and you will notice your face feeling more clear and fresh in 4-6 weeks. It will keep your oily glands under control and ultimately clear your scars.

I have just started seeing some fine line and wrinkles and I am very concerned. Can Ayurveda address my concern in a natural and holistic way?

Ayurvedic herbs like Neem and Sandalwood are especially targeted to solve fine lines and wrinkes. Rosehip oil has antioxidants and essential fatty acids which hydrate dry skin and reduce fine lines and Patchouli oil has cell-rejuvenating properties which gives it the ability to lessen the look of scars. Apply Rubino face mask once or twice a week and you can be assured that you are using a very natural and holistic approach to address your concerns.

I suffer from hair loss. Can Ayurveda help in treating my hair loss problem?

Ayurveda believes that hair fall control is very much associated to the body type and also the stability of your mind-body structure. Ayurveda considers the hair as a byproduct for bone formation. The tissues which are responsible for formation of bones are also responsible for your hair growth. Hair fall is considered to be a problem of pitta dosha in Ayurveda and excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of hair problems. Usually the Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss includes diet, meditation and yoga. There are also many herbs in Ayurveda that strengthen the hair roots, stimulate the circulation and promote a healthier scalp. Massage your hair with the Olio Divina Hair oil and apply the Diamante Hair Mask twice a week and you will see a difference in your hair in 4-6 weeks.

I have combination skin. The T-zone is oily whereas my forehead and chin is very dry. Can any of your products help?

Not everyone has similar properties of skin on every part of their face. You should use the Zaffiro face mask on your face but apply it only on your cheeks and nose and use the Rubino face mask on your forehead and chin. The Ayurvedic herbs and Essential oils in these masks will work to control your oily glands around the T-zone and also keep your forehead and chin nourished to control fine line and wrinkles.