Ovviovita is a genuine brand dedicated to create custom beauty products based on the ancient science of the oldest and the most holistic health system available to human beings today.

Also known as ‘Knowledge of Life’, Ayurveda has been known to Indian physicians for over six thousand years for containing secrets to flawless skin and ageless beauty. Each product is created very lovingly by combining pure herbal extracts and essential oils which cleanse,nourish and replenish your hair and skin thereby stimulating cell growth. The ancient secret recipes of Ayurveda are fused with modern essential oils to create a luxurious experience that is completely natural, organic, free from any form of harsh chemicals and adhere to the highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality.

So if nature did not bless you with flawless complexion and lustrous hair, grab what you deserve back from nature. Your Face, Your Beauty, Trust Nature – Trust OVVIOVITA.

Ayurvedic Herbs

The Ayurvedic Herbs used in all our products are certified, pure and organic. The extraction of the herbs has been done at state-of- art manufacturing unit that extorts the natural essence of the production in the purest form, thus retaining the natural efficacy of active ingredients. Only originally grown herbs are used for extraction purpose as they do not have any kind of chemical contamination that can cause leaching of product, making the herbs environmentally friendly.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils contain centuries-old secret of radiant skin, lustrous hair, and an ageless complexion. All our products are made of pure, organic, carefully distilled essential oils that are free from harmful ingredients like chemicals and preservatives found in mainstream skincare. The antioxidants, essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in the oils are perfect for softening the signs of aging, stimulating cell growth and restoring a radiant complexion.

Hair & Body

All our products are created with a purpose. With the current face paced and modern lifestyle our hair and skin is exposed to harsh environments and a variety of harmful organisms. The Ayurvedic herbs and Essential oils included in every product are very carefully formulated to solve a particular problem and also create a divine and luxurious experience. All of our products are created in labs in the UK which pride themselves in GMP standard environment and utilize controlled processing which ensures batch consistency and quality every time.

Why chose Ovvio ?

Ayurveda has centuries old secrets of obtaining flawless skin and ageless beauty however it is quite difficult to incorporate it in your daily beauty regime. We have managed to fuse the magic of Ayurvedic herbs with the replenishing and stimulating properties of pure Essential oils to create these products – which are free from chemicals, harsh preservatives and minerals. Serving our customers is our main priority. We listen very carefully to your needs and requests and constantly strive to create revolutionary products that enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.